Collins Place (not IM Pei)

Repost this day 2019:

Generally considered #IMPei’s gift to #Melbourne, the #twintowered, #citywithinacity #CollinsPlace, initial design prob c1970, ANZ tower finished 1978, the hotel tower in 1981. Seems not Pei himself though, since the #PeiCobbFreed website has a CV for #HenryCobb listing it as his, and he did the big towers it seems, but let Pei take all the credit! But a lot of Pei hallmarks, like sharp angles and bold massing. Not the best thing they ever did, and not all that liked here either, though the ‘great space’ shopping atrium is very nice. Found a nice photo of the weird glittery hanging in the hotel atrium; also the sketch design of the great space, and a photo from before they covered everything with grey metal, and a photo of the space frame I took in 2013 via Facebook (!). I remember seeing it go up from the trains eternally stopping in the jolimont railyards in the 70s.

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