Art Deco Commonwealth Bank x 2

In #HighStreetThornbury, another one of those fine #ArtDeco #CommonwealthBank branches, symmetrical, with slightly leaning out fins, and the original terrazzo entry floor pattern. There’s another about 2 miles down the road, corner Separation Street. They usually had great grills /gates too, but long gone here. They havnt even repainted since the bank left though.

Another of those #artdecocommonwealthbank branches- this one is in #AlbertPark, rather plain compared to most others, perhaps it’s a bit later like 1940? Looks like tiles or feature bricks in the middle painted that so popular so boring dark grey, and some grills above the doors, but also rather simple. This photo maybe 18 months ago, perhaps it’s still empty. I didn’t check for terrazzo, but I can see that there’s steps on the left, that would have led to the upstairs, presumably a home for the #bankmanager- the Thorbury one still has a separate entry and it’s for rent, and looks like it was once a flat.

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