Regent Theatre, Thornbury

The #ThorburyTheatre is a live entertainment venue that was actually built as a theatre ! A cinema anyway, and is in large part intact, one of the most intact left in Melbourne that doesn’t have any interior protection. Built in 1925 (and possibly a rebuild of an Edwardian era hall) it was pretty big, and apparently designed not by an architect but by a plaster specialist Sam Millsom, and it shows – so much delicate #RobertAdam decoration. The lobbies are intact, as well as the upper part of the auditorium. It survived after it closed in 1965 as a function venue, the Catania Ballroom, when the space was divided by a new floor. In 2010, it changed direction into a music (and wrestling) venue, hopefully to stay that way for years to come ! First two images mine, rest from their website and Cinema Treasures.

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