Art Deco in Acland Street

Repost this day 2018:

Some #ArtDeco lovelies in #AclandStreet, both 1936, and the ones on the north side by #LeslieMPerrott, the cake shop south side ones also probably Perrott.

You’d think that being in such a busy place in an historic suburb like #StKilda that places like these would have been restored by now – but actually all across #Melbourne upper floors above shops are often unloved and unused, partly because access is maybe only through the back yard of the shop, or maybe through the shop itself, and the owners are only interested in the rent from the shops, so they remain empty, or maybe storage, or maybe extra restaurant space.

Out of these 7, I could only find one that seems to be rented as a separate apartment, the one next to Europa, but don’t know where the door is. A follower on my Instagram who works at Europa gets to live upstairs, but his front door is the shop ! The ones opposite appear to have the stair in the shop, and at least one is an upper level dining area. It would be a bit noisy to actually live here mind you.

Date and architect from a port phillip heritage planner.

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