Metro Collins, 1934-82

Yet another #losttheatre that nearly made it through – the #MetroCollins was created in 1934 in Collins Street by completely rebuilding the 1913 concert hall that gave the Auditorium Building its name (but was a complete failure showing films from 1914). The cinema was designed by #CNHollinshead, same year he rebuilt Her Maj in Art Deco style, he did this one in an elegant classical style, much like theatres of the 1920s. In 1975 it was renamed the Mayfair, and closed in 1982. Then it was completely gutted for a high end shopping complex called #FigginsDiorama, which was the bees knees for imported things, but like the concert hall it flopped, and pretty much nothing else happened in there until 2013 when everything but the facade was demolished and an office tower built, with a huge empty foyer where the theatre once was. What a loss, but would we really have a use for another big theatre in the cbd ?

Images Cinema Treasures website

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