Christ Church South Yarra

drivebyshooting; #ChristChurchSouthYarra, Toorak Road, created in two main stages; nave, transepts, chancel, tower base in 1856-9 by Webb & Taylor, with aisles, sanctuary and the bulk of the tower added over the period 1881-9 to the design of Reed Henderson & Smart (not sure if following the earlier design).

The @nationaltrustvic says :

“The most distinctive feature is the elongated tower and spire with closely clustered spirelets forming an unusually tight composition, perhaps influenced by Continental precedents.”

The patchy stonework is annoying though, I vaguely heard it was deliberate as part of a 70s restoration so you’d know what was new (but that is so not necessary in this case) Update : I’m told the original stone was unavailable- pity.

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