ES&A Modern in Malvern

The fabulous #ESandABank, 1959, designed by their in-house architect #StuartMcIntosh, on #GlenferrieRoadMalvern, was (partly) restored early last year. The fins, which had been blue forever and surprisingly made of plywood, have been rebuilt and repainted the original white and ‘mint green’ on the underside, to go with the pink glass. The floating white cube is sandstone, they should have taken off the paint. And then there’s the missing lowest fin, and rock wall corner – removed with a permit from #HeritageVictoria, issued the same time they listed it in 1998- I opposed it at the hearing, but the owner was there, looked very angry, and said something about ‘my retirement fund’, so they made a compromise, supposedly to make it easier to let, which it didn’t really, and now it’s a Custom Lighting, a good use given the interior nature, would be same without the changes. Grrr. They’ve also kept the #CharlesBush abstract sculpture, now a bit hidden. Old images #PeterWille, @library_vic and @nationaltrustvic, sculpture snapped last year by Brendan Cameron.

Here you can see where the fin was removed :

Some more shots :

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