St Vincent Place houses

Repost this day in 2018:

I think of #StVincentPlace #SouthMelbourne as full of grand terraces, but there’s actually a lot of free-standing #villas and single storey ones too. It’s now extremely expensive real estate, so they’re all totally renovated, paint taken off bricks, mostly heritage colours, but the paint-everything-shades-of-grey disease also to be seen. They’ve all got giant extensions behind, the first one even has a basement pool, but nothing allowed to stick behind thank goodness. St Vincent Place is the only urban area listed by #heritagevictoria- once they listed it they realised the work involved in approving every little thing (or big things in this case) created a giant workload, so they havnt done it again. Councils are mostly good at protecting precincts in any event. Mostly.

Repost this day 2018 : #StVincentPlace, a fine #terracepair. Proper #Victoriancolours, I’m very pleased to see. I’m guessing Manila, Cumberland Stone, and Rich Red. Yes it’s all very earthy, but that’s pretty typical for the period – though the walls would usually be #cementrender #grey, the Victorians liked a bit of contrast. It’s a far cry from the currently popular so boring dark grey on light grey. Nice to see two owners agreeing on matching colours too.

This grand but otherwise typical house in #stvincentplace has this great detail on the parapet! Classical dolohins. It’s also just been completely done over. But actually there wasn’t much original inside left, in fact in 2013 it was sold half gutted/renovated, but then they left just three walls and some roof; the end result though is very nice, channeling Victorian houses without being literal. By @b.e_architecture, and completed maybe 6 months before I took my photos.

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