Esplanade Hotel, aka ‘The Espy’

Repost this day 2018: #EsplanadeHotelStKilda, built 1878, designed by #SmithAndJohnson, as four grand terraces, which instead became a hotel, extended 1920s by #GibbsAndFinlay, when it was known as Carlyons, they had jazz out the back, 50 years later it was punk and alt live music powerhouse 80s – 90s, sold, a 35 storey tower proposed behind it caused a furore and this curved 10 storey thing by #FenderKatsalidis was the eventual compromise in 2005, hotel itself closed 2015 for a refurbishment which never happened, sold again last year by #SandHillRoad, being converted into 4 flours of bars and food venues with three live music stages, including the fab #GershwinRoom. Whew. Update : reopened Dec 2018, I got a snap during staff training.

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