Toorak mansion not all it’s cracked up to be

I’m posting photos of Michael Coppell’s house, now for sale, in #HopetounRoadToorak, not to talk about taste vs $, but to point out that it’s cracking up- built over 25 years ago, not doing as well as Victorian mansions which generally still havnt cracked up like this after 140 years. I wonder if it’s render, or just reinforced concrete with a thin coat ? Guess just re-coat it, god knows why they didn’t do it before the sale !

Ok a bit on taste – well it’s needlessly huge, with a 9 car garage, but perhaps he entertains a lot ? The interiors are ok lush-modern.

As to the classical front, the proportions of the columns are fine, I like that they’re paired, but after that, it’s very thin on details, just some bits of balustrade, and a few mouldings – you know, you’ve got the whole of architectural history in books (it was the 90s), so why not learn from them ? Or did they try to be restrained ? Or was it just a builder who basically guessed ? Or scaled up suburban stuff ? 6/10.


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