Hidden Mansion hidden again

In 2019 the 1890 mansion #Bundalohn, by #HyndmanAndBates, in Tennyson Street St Kilda was revealed from behind an ugly 60s motel thing – but it’s just been covered up again !

It had been crisis accomodation, and that’s what the new thing is- I suppose because it’s impossible to get permits to build a use like that, so they just rebuild existing sites. It’s not bad, not too busy, not too boring, I do like the use of textured brick- but perhaps it could have had an opening on the other side ? So you could see the tower, instead of jut the rear wing ? Also, the drive in entrance looks a little jaily- tall fence, guards office; I’m super you need security – but then on the other side there’s just low fences to lounge room windows ? The initial architects were @mgsarchitects, but it got handed over to someone else.

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