Facadism in Toorak Road

Some #facadism from 2016, the old #HerMajestysHotel in #ToorakRoadSouthYarra.

Pubs are particularly prone, being prime sites, and altered inside (but not upstairs), so only the two walls are kept, with intrusive just too big apartments popping out above – if this had been set back to the line of the top level, it would be almost alright, or one level less? The first floor is just very plain offices, could have kept something intact ? #nicholasdayarchitects.

Don’t know the date or architect of original, but you can see the corner was obviously a smaller older pub that was expanded to the sides and up, prob in the 1880s. In the late 60s, this was an informal gay bar, known as Masie’s, after the camp nickname of the owner.

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