Kamesburgh, Brighton, 1874

Repost this day 2019:

One of the lesser known, because it doesn’t face the street, but really one of the grandest of the many #VictorianMansion in #Melbourne; by grand I mean the most classical columns (actually I think most of these mansions are a similar size inside). It’s in #NorthRoadBrighton, its called #Kamesburgh, designed by #LoydTayler, and was built in 1874 for William Kerr Thomson, a partner in James McEwan (anyone remember McEwan’s hardware ?) and ‘prominent Brighton citizen’.

A fine restrained colonnaded #verandah, and of course a tower, marking the entrance, but the most amazing part is it’s still got most of it’s huge grounds ! Prob because the Baillieu’s donated £25,000 to buy it in 1919 as a repat for WW1 veterans. The RSL still owns it, but the house is leased to #StaroftheSeaSchool, and the gardens are open to everyone, you can just drive in ! Very quiet.

A watercolour by the altar architect at the State Library shows it was originally a pale colour, and had a conservatory.

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