Marli Place, St Kilda

Marli Place on the #UpperEsplanade is typically #StKilda with various changes over the years. Started off as three terraces in c1854, perhaps without the verandahs. In c1862 the bay window parts were added to the end terraces, and also the separate end houses with little pedimented entries. Then in 1926 the whole lot converted to flats, with external access stairs added. Became #CompanyShare flats in 1958, with communal rear garden (the structure doesn’t lend itself to strata titling apparently). Very tightly held, I can’t see any old sales. Detailed dates thanks to residents @davidlbrand and @fooilingkhoo

The interior photos from an old rental ad, it’s an upper unit with the bay window on the left, there’s two quite different floor levels.

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