Geoff Hogg Union Mural, Melbourne Central

Repost this day 2019:

There’s this huge mural at the Eliz St end of #MelbourneCentralStation that I’ve never really stopped to look at, and it’s rather good actually, closeup, though half is blocked off for works and some more permanent looking walls. It was “Conceived in 1983 and completed in 1984….produced by a small team of artists from the Victorian Trades Hall Council Arts Workshop, headed by Dr #GeoffHogg (b. 1950) with assistance from Ilma Jasper (b. 1953) and sculptor Kay Douglas (b. 1952). It is painted over an expanse of wall measuring approximately 61.0 metres in length and 3.7 metres in height. The mural depicts a complex tableau of male and female workers from a range of occupations – trades and professions, paid and domestic – including engineers, biomedical researchers, electricians, machinists, hotel cleaners and textile workers.”

All very uniony, very American #WorksProgressAdministration, now history really, not sure there’s any textile workers left, not many machinists either. The photo of people painting is from Geoff Hogg’s blog, where he says “The composition was created over months of onsite drawing and photography at workplaces around Melbourne. In my studio at Trades Hall I combined these images into a narrow composition reminiscent of a film strip.” And painted it directly on the wall ! It’s listed by the @nationaltrustvic and as an artwork by melb central (long view photo is theirs), but it’s not formally protected.

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