Industrial facadism in Fitzroy

A bit of industrial #facadism I posted this day in 2014! Young Street Fitzroy. And #streetview has it a bit earlier, just a wall (and theres a matching one behind in Kent Street). Makes me think of the olden days when people actually converted factories into houses, very spacious, with timber trusses etc, instead of developers just keeping some walls and filling it with multiple modern units. But when they’re this small is it reasonable to keep more structure ? Or maybe allow building in sympathy right on top of the retained walls ? This is neither, with some setback, but then unlovely mesh poking forward almost on top of the walls. Inside a bit bland all white not hugely spacious, but nice timber lined light well. I’m sure the ground level is now parking for 8 cars. And they didn’t clean the bricks on the young street side.

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