Edgewater Towers, 1961

Repost this day 2019:

Architect #MordechaiBenshemesh. made quite a splash back in 1961, with #EdgewaterTowers, one of the first high rise apartment developments in #Melbourne, rather oddly located at the far end of #StKilda. But then seeing as it was part of Melbourne’s Jewish history, designed by and bought by postwar (and sometimes prewar) Jewish peeps, putting it in St Kilda within walking distance of #AclandStreet, then the most Jewish spot in the city, makes perfect sense.

It made the headlines not only for its scale but being #ownyourown (that is #companyshare) when most flats were rented. Info and clippings from the MSD show ‘excavation modernism : @stylisticspecies at Caulfield Town Hall back in March.

It really is a bit of a behemoth, looming up above the beach, traffic and houses from all angles – I’m sure everyone thought more #highrise would follow but they never did. #MordechaiBenshemesh, 1961.

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