Hidden heritage – Grand Theatre Footscray

Repost from 2016:

A bit of the fully intact #redbrick #facade of the old 1911 Footscray Grand #cinema in #paisleystreet downtown #footscray peeking from the decaying but once groovy #fiestabingo sign, which looks very 60s, prob when the cinema became just the upper half, not closing until 1987. Last one in the west, until the Sun reopened. And upper auditorium with huge curved roof still there and quite intact, though just used for furniture storage now. Other photos from #melbournecircle blog, and various footscray and theatre enthusiast Facebook pages (so much stuff in fb these days). No images of the original auditorium, and it looks like it got a Deco makeover in the 30s, but some 1911 decor still there too. Interior not protected.

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