Dr Graham Boyd House, Toorak Road, 1936

One of Melbourne’s few houses that really channels interwar Modernism, though more the British version than German (with plenty of Art Deco flourishes too). On the corner of Toorak & Hopetoun Roads, it was built in 1936 for Dr Graham Boyd, and the architect was A Mortimer McMillan (I don’t know anything else he did). The Australian Home Beautiful in 1936 called it ‘ultra modern’, ‘taking greatest advantage of sunlight’, and that the render was a ‘decided pink’. It was renovated in 1994, when it got the big walls on one side, and moved the front door from one side of the stair to the other, don’t know what else they did but the inside stair looks original. B&W photos from Graeme Butler 1983. Other photos from real estate.

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