Boer War Memorial and Anzac Station

Repost this day 4 years ago, where now there’s a work site and big hole :

South African Soldiers Memorial (ie #BoerWar), #DomaineInterchange, 1924, #IrwinandStevenson. Thought id document the things that are about to be dismantled or in the case of the trees chopped down to allow excavation for the Domain station for the #MelbourneMetro, which will only take 10 years. And then replant some saplings, I mean juvenile trees. And put the memorial back behind stairs to the station. I’m not saying dont do it, but maybe not chop down so many trees? Or start growing the new ones now ?

Update 2021 : it’s going to be called #AnzacStation, and the plans show the memorial a bit to the east, with a plaza on one side, and lifts popping out next to that. No images except these few showing the ‘organic’ canopy held up by timber, because, you know, trees. I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s not great, all the metro, level crossing stains are like this, just interesting enough to not be boring, but not terribly creative either. Like cars and houses I suppose. And ikea, and I guess everything in consumer design come to think of it.

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