Pink Brutalism

Repost this day 2019:

The back of the old #HoytsMidCity cinema centre is more chunky-#brutalist than the front. And surprisingly intact, even the rich red #pebblemix finish. Built 1970 as a speculative venture by the entrepreneurial architect Gordon Banfield who had also developed the Total Carpark, so of course his firm #BogleBanfield designed it. One screen is still going operating as the #ChinatownCinema, the only cinema left in #BourkeStreet – that at one point had 11 screens, and over the years 7 locations, plus 2 theatres that showed films, plus three more just off Bourke. And later 3 cinema complexes.

Photo from @cityofmelbourne library from 1985 heritage study shows the cute little red parking booth. And the front before the verandah was turned into a balcony. And Cinema Treasures has one of a cinema interior.

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