Lost Melbourne – but 80 years ago.

Another bit of #LostMelbourne, that only lasted about 25 years, and was demolished over 80 years ago – a nice Edwardian ‘chambers’ for doctors and dentists, built 1912, then in 1928 the large new #TandGbuilding opened next door- which expanded to twice the width in 1938, so it disappeared. The nice gabled one next to that demolished in c1990, along with another 10 storey thing, when the building was expanded yet again as KPMG.

A rather nice image of the gabled one – built around 1911, with some lovely #ArtNouveau details, don’t know architect, occupied by the Alexandra School of Music, and Zerchos Business School (ie secretary training) which was big business, grew a lot from 1912 on, lots of branches, good work for young women, a great step up from factories. This photo is 1971, and not long after the front was replaced with slick glass (!), then it was demolished in c1989 for the expansion of the T&G building. Photo #peterwille @library_vic.

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