APM Boiler House – demolition

Sad to see the 1954 #APMBoilerHouse is now being demolished. It was added to the #HeritageRegister in 2017, due to its dynamic massing (especially the south side) and pioneering multi-storey all glass curtain wall – but thanks to a vocal local group that hated it, and a looming state election, Minister for Planning Richard Wynne issued a #demolitionpermit in Oct 2017. This is almost the only time a minister has done such a thing, I can only remember twice before in 40 years.

Not a huge fuss because I guess it isn’t pretty – but it might have become an exciting destination, like those great ex coal mine and factory industrial parks in Germany – though still a very expensive proposition, lots of cleanup required. Locals are happy I’m sure but not so happy it will be replaced with another 6 storey block of flats in what’s a very dense redevelopment. Oddly it’s hung on till now, when virtually the whole site has been cleared. 1st two photos Graeme Butler, rest internet, including a redevelopment scheme as greenhouse garden.

Late September:

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