Ackmans in Elizabeth Street, 1930

Repost this day 2019:

Hadn’t really noticed this one before, in Elizabeth Street up from Collins, turns out to be a super narrow Victorian thing that was done over in early 1930 for Ackman’s Furniture, who’s main store was in Smith Street (behind that propped up Woolworths facade). See the A on top ?

The redesign was by #GawlerAndDrummond. Before Ackmans it was the Thistle Tearoom and then in 1938 Suttons Music moved in. And it’s #CranbourneMusic now ! Looks like it’s one of the handful of city buildings still empty above the ground floor- it goes back a long way, so looong and narrow, probably dark, floors, with only stairs up.

2021 : Cranbourne have changed their name to Coleman.

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