YWCA, Nahum Barnet

More #LostMelbourne, the rather chunky but impressive home of the #YWCAMelbourne, built in 1913, on Russell Street just down from Collins. Sadly demolished in the mid 70s, the big site eventually becoming the #GrandHyattMelbourne which opened in 1983. Designed by #NahumBarnet at the height of his long prolific career, when he was doing about 1/2 dozen city buildings, some in this QueenAnne / Romanesque style, which he had helped to introduce in 1890 with his #AustralBuilding literally around the corner, others in the new #EdwardianBaroque.

1st image colourised by folks on the Melbourne Through the Decades FB page, along with the original from Building Magazine in 1915. 3rd image is from @library_vic in c1970, last is the corner of the Hyatt entry where it once was.

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