T & G Building

Repost this day 2017:

The grand #TandGBuilding, #CollinsStreet, #AandKHenderson, 1929, enlarged to the right and taller #tower 1939 (and to the rear in 1959). The largest #interwarmelbourne #officblock, the HQ for the once huge #TemperanceandGeneral Insurance business, with mini versions of this in capital cities and many smaller towns across Australia and New Zealand, almost all by the same architects.

Unfortunately gutted to just facades in the late 80s, and extended again to the right (#postmodern but sympathetic); but at least you cant tell. But why did they paint it grey recently ? It’s always been cream. Being renovated again, taking back old name, maybe @tandg_melb will #repaint it cream !

Update : nope, still grey. Also, the atrium with its curious glass blocks with various cbd buildings is now gone to make way for seats (nicer actually). Rather shockingly the insurance hall with its glass dome disappeared inside Versace two years ago – hopefully just covered up ! (Update yes just covered up). The insurance hall was dem and rebuilt in 1990 but the dome is original.

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