Miesian box in Southbank

Very stylish little thing on #SturtStreetSouthMelbourne; thought it would be anonymous but no, the nice #PeterWille photo at @library_vic identifies it as offices for Burston Brothers, who ran the Malthouse next door, built 1956, and designed by #YunckenFreeman, who went on in the 60s to become refined modernists using expressed steel frames – first seen here ! The steel is expressed as #Ibeams on the front, but they’re flat down the back, where there’s a gantry thing. Used by various arts organisations over the years, so I guess it’s was part of the Malthouse gift of the site by CUB – the theatre itself is right behind. Missed out by the recent #southbankheritage review, but safe (until they want to add another theatre). Old colour image #peterwille from 1970.

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