Kew Synagogue

Repost this day 2017: #KewSynagogue/ #KewHebrewCongregation, 1963, #BridgeHayden or just Tony Hayden; #repost from 2016 cos I just found photos of the interior, surprisingly traditional with that arched roof, seems like most of Melbourne’s modernist synagogues are traditional, certainly not shy to use decorative elements like the balcony front pattern here and the lush crystal chandeliers (look a bit 70s actually), love the main #StarofDavid one. Big names here – the land was donated in 1949 by Norman #Smorgon, prewar Ukrainian immigrant made very good (#SmorgonIndustries), and the foundation stone was laid by Prime Minister #RobertMenzies. Hayden was born Hershman in Poland but grew up in England. 1st 2 pics mine, 3rd Jorge Canale via FB, interiors from synagogue website.

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