Pride Centre completed

The #VictorianPrideCentre is finished ! Or at least opened, I havnt been in yet – I took these photos last week. The design, by @grantamonarchitects and @bauarchitects.urbanists, doesn’t attempt to represent LGBTQI in some obvious way (thank goodness) but instead the exotic style of st kilda, as seen in the arches, re-interpreted as circles and ovals (which it must be said brings to mind certain human orifices, which would make it frankly sexual, which I think makes it more interesting and appropriate actually). I was worried about the massive scale, and it is big in the street, but with the leaning back, it’s not so dominating. I also didn’t like the way it builds right out over the footpath, but it certainly fits the design, and I guess the street is wide enough to cope (though not sure the street should be lined with such structures). There will be great views from the all the decks, and a rooftop bar (yay!) but one day someone will build something equally big where the ex-bank is on the corner, getting somewhat in the way. I’ve taken photos from just before construction, seeing it rise bit by bit.

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