Macrob Modern

Repost this day 2018: #MacRobertsonGirlsHigh (aka#MacRob), built in 1934 with funds provided by chocolate king #MacPhersonRobertson. Recently returned from Europe, young achitect #NormanSeabrook won the competition ushered in European #Modernism to Melbourne – or at least the Dutch post-expressionist bricky sort, as developed especially by #WillemDudok in the 1920s – #HilversumTownHall is the prime example, obvious similarities here, especially those tall thin hall windows, but the colours come from other things he designed. After this, #creambrick meant Modern in Melb, though the smart blue glazed bricks and red painted window frames didn’t catch on. Excuse the excessive editing, damn shadows trees etc. The clearer pic of it is Wikipedia, and of Dudok’s work, the internet.

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