ABC Southbank

Hadn’t stopped to admire the #ABCSouthbank before, not bad, jazzy, not OTT, good signage, and SO much better than the previous 1994 version by Peddle Thorpe; the expansion and refinishing completed in 2017 is by @coxarchitecture, retaining the white tubular atrium structure of the original though, which is somewhat similar to the wonderful atrium in the Sydney HQ #ABCUltimo, by Ken Wooley, 1992 (ignore the new clunkier entrance and office tower by Cox completed 2002).

Being a bit parochial, I’ve always been annoyed that Sydney is the national hq with room for 1000 in a rather speccy building (at least inside) while we had a much smaller tacky suburban office building. Ours now houses 600, and theirs is looking a little dated, but shouldn’t they be equal sizes ?

Also, glad the Southbank building has the Deco panels from their 1940 studios once in Lonsdale Street, but they’re stuck in a corridor near the lifts, seems all too often retained elements end up a poorly placed afterthought. Photos from someone’s blog.

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