Metro station designs – could have done better

This time in 2017 I was excited about the designs for the #MelbourneMetro CBD stations (designed by #HassellStudio with #WestonWilliamson, UK metro specialists) because they reminded me of the #MoscowMetro, where the stations are all great, eg the steel arches of #MayakovskayaStation, 1938.

But the designs have changed since then, with #RogersSirkHarbour added, and now the station level is a single vault, with some timber bits stuck on (both statins the same), while the space under the city square has giant angular conc supports, which I quite like, but still feels international style slightly interesting. More exciting than Sydney’s metro from what I could find (pic 7), but less exciting than recent Moscow stations – they have such a tradition- also they announce designs, then they’re discussed and criticised – here, we take what we’re given ! These are important places which will be with us for a long time, why not have a competition, or a different designer for each one ?

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