Kia Ora, St Kilda Road, 1936

Kia Ora, #StKildaRoad, one of those places you know from the tram, a big set of #ArtDecoFlats, built 1936/37 in two stages (replacing a 19thC mansion and a house only 12 years old). Designed by Lewis Levy in a smart streamlined mode, but most interestingly, the 60 flats face both the internal space and four more side spaces as well, snaking in and out down the block. It was one of the biggest flat developments in Melbourne at the time.

The name comes from the Dixon family of Kia Ora cordial fame, led since 1907 by Mr John Dixon, who also invested in flats through Kia Ora Investments – though why the cordial was named Kia Ora I don’t know. Also, another case of #damntrees.

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