Sacred Heart St Kilda

Repost 2018:

Finally got to see inside #SacredHeartStKilda, #JosephReedArchitect; surprisingly only the front part of the nave built in 1884, the side aisles and the altar end added in 1922 (after a fire- must’ve been short and tall looking !), but reportedly completing the Reed design (certainly the sides match the front perfectly). The Reed design was an unusual departure from the Gothic to Classical, specifically a bricky Renaissance veering towards the Baroque, or at least Mannerist details. The #campinile however is definitely 1922, and entirely by #KempsonandConnolly, architects of the extensions. Delightful pale #stencildecoration, though not sure if it’s 1922, or 1940s based on 1901, two different dates given. Looks v 1901 to me. It was repainted/restored in 1984 for their centenary by Mulholland.

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