Tay Creggan, Hawthorn

Repost this day 2019:

Truly spectacular- #TayCreggan in #Hawthorn was open today for the first time (I think) for #openhousemelbourne2019. Designed by #GuyonPurchas (son of #AlfredPurchas) as his own house in 1891-2 but the depression hit and he had to sell it. But he came back to do alterations for the new owners (!) It feels very familiar, possibly cos the elements went on to be typical of every Edwardian house in melbs. But this has very #gothicrevival carved #bargeboards, lots more #baywindows, and proper Tudor chimneys, as well as Edwardian half-timbering, #marsaillestiles, the attic #dormers, etc.

The interior is kind of tight, with lots of inglenooks, bay windows, great fireplace in the stair hall and excellent window by #WilliamMontgomery- but the #billiardroom is totally amazing, apparently there was a #minstrelsgallery but filled in now. Fantastic #ArtsAndCrafts style #leadlight domes with sun motif, and gigantic #fireplace, with dragons and #artnouveau panels. This room was created in 1900 by converting the previous dining room. The house has been part of #StrathconaGirlsGrammar since the 70s.

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