Mandeville Hall, Charles Webb and Gillow & Co.

Repost 2017: #MandevilleHall, #Toorak, originally Athelstan, important for the double #bowfront section of very big rooms, designed by #CharlesWebb, added in 1876 to the front of an earlier house. But it’s most important for the lavish and original interior decoration from the same date, by London firm #GillowAndCo, in rich late Victorian colours and textures, which largely survives intact thanks to the Loretto sisters who from 1924 occupied it while running the adjacent school and didn’t paint over it all. It’s now the music school. And thanks #OpenhouseMelbourne ! It’s all very rich and dim which was very advanced taste for the 1870s, while the Japanese inspired Aesthetic Movement bathrooms tiles were practically radical.

More #MandevilleHall interior details from upstairs, where most of the decoration is rather #Adamanesque, that is in the style of #RobertAdam, which was also advanced taste for 1876 (or at least very unusual). Adam was inspired by ancient sources especially the delicate Roman wall murals discovered in digs in Pompeii in the late 18thC; #Wedgewood used the same sources. A style pretty rare in 19thC melbourne, so refined, as opposed to the more popular heavy rich Victoriana, as seen downstairs. Note the actual drawing of a roman #brazier in the woodwork of one of the overmantles.

And the conservatory, which I didn’t see from inside.

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