Griffin Incinerator, Essendon

Repost this day 2019:

#WalterBurleyGriffin’s 1929-30 incinerator in #MooneePonds was a little underwhelming actually. Great #chimney, nice lines, but hardly any details of note – unlike the three Sydney ones, built a bit later, all far more exciting. It’s said that it was designed to blend with the surrounding housing, so no flourishes. Doesn’t help that the best angle is way round the side, or that the front is occupied by a second building designed by the Council’s engineer in a vaguely matching style. Interesting to see the lower level of ovens and concrete chutes etc all intact though, and the lopsided trusses of the main floor that once saw trucks drive in. Apparently they stopped burning rubbish in the 40s when the volume of plastics increased, too much poisonous black smoke? How do they do it in Sweden then? I suppose you just burn at a much higher temperature than this diesel fired thing could manage. It’s now a council-run gallery.

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