Melbourne Central first proposal

Repost this day 2016:

I have vague memories of Melbournes Central first having been a 100 storey tower originally with a vast tent-like central atrium – and Ive finally found an image which is exactly what I remember (thanks to a hoarder on skyscrapercity) Originally called the Victoria Project, it was a 72 storey tower, with 100m atrium and 25 storey hotel, but relied on the feds selling Jensen House (orig Oddfellows) on Swanston, which didnt happen, and with an office glut, 30 floors lopped off, and a complete redesign really – dont know if the original was also #KishoKurokawa, because not at all his signature crystalline style.

In fact neither is the second design as built- it’s shorter and so squatter, and was also fiddled with, adding distracting spiky bits and decreasing the abstract crystalline geometries. His Central Plaza in Brisbane was not fiddled with.

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