Scotch College gatehouse

This is the main #gatehouse at #ScotchCollege, Hawthorn, on the corner of Glenferrie and Callantina, presiding over the entrance to the boarding houses. It was built in 1917 as part of the first set of buildings for the school in its move from East Melbourne out to a very large site here that was the mansion-estate known as Glen House, and at fist they kept and occupied the 1875 castle style house on top of the hill, but later demolished it (a wing survives as the laundry – glimpsed on streetview) The first buildings were all in a rather simple Tudor/Old English style (this is the most elaborate and detailed one), designed by #HenryHardieKemp, who had a brilliant career, from 1880s Queen Anne skyscrapers to the first Edwardian style villas, to this project. (This was my school but I knew none of this at the time- and never saw the boarding houses either, but I think I did admire this cottage while waiting for the tram home). Pics of boarding houses from school website and Glen House from @boroondaralibraryservice

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