Beaurepaire Pool

Repost 2014 :

Beaurepaire Centre at #melbourneuniversity used for training during the #melbourneolympics in 1956 but officially opened 1957. Architects #egglestonmcdonaldandsecomb. The #beaurepairepool – so open – the #portalframe just goes right through to outside.

Closed in 1999, future unclear, but #melbourneuniversity eventually decided to #repair #restore and upgrade, works by @lovellchen, reopened 2003 only $5mill later. Looks great.

Named after Frank Beaurepaire who donated the $ for the place, and won swimming medals himself at the olympics in 1908 and 1924, was an MP and lord mayor and founded the eponymous auto repair co. (still going) and died a few months before the melb games ! Didnt know any of that. And yes there’s great mosaics in the other side, but this side more elegant.

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