VACC St Kilda Road

Repost 2018 (but 1st photo this year): Totally #bronzed; the #VictorianAutomobileChamberofCommerce, not sure possibly base early 60s, top 1970, bronze coloured windows (some kind of copper inclusion) and brown painted steel. The ONLY 50s/60s office block left on #StKildaRoad of any note, partly because the #VACC have never left, and partly because it’s the only one that got #heritagelisted in the 90s. The ground level all parking (so you can see the cars of course ! Pic 3, 1970, #MarkStrizic. But hedges now obscure). Designed by #BernardEvans, architect, developer and long time city councillor and Lord Mayor in 1959-60. Long career of flats on the 30s and offices in the 50s-60s, including the long gone #CRAbuilding in Collins Street, the city’s tallest in 1962. 2021 update : they sold (for $100m !) in 2018, and will leave when leases expire, if they havnt already.

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