Mercantile Bank, Collins Street, 1888

Repost this day 2019:

Yet another fave – the 1888 #MercantileBank in #CollinsStreet, hidden by a #damntree, and sort of overshadowed by bigger neighbours. More visible in previous decades. Designed by #WilliamSalway with #WightAndLucas (who did a series of great branches for the #MelbourneSavingsBank). The bank didn’t last long, being one of the few to actually close in the big crash of 1893. It had a great #dome on top too, though that didn’t last long either, disappearing in a renovation in 1923. Nice but not outstanding marble and timber lobby installed then. 2nd image VHD early 1990s, 3rd c1890, 4th #NicholasCaire c1900.

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