Park Mansions, c1913

Park Mansions, #ParkStreetSouthYarra, one of the earliest flat developments in Melbourne – I think – can’t find out much for certain! Earliest ads are from 1913, which makes it 3 years after #FawknerMasions, the oldest extant, but like that one they weren’t completely self contained, Fawkner had bathrooms out the back, this one had a communal dining room, presumably on the ground floor. Don’t know architect, or if it originally had a lift (I hope so!), or was always full floor flats like now. It’s like 5 long terrace houses on top of each other, each complete with front verandah. The ad with early photos comes from a real estate page, and they don’t say when it dates from. The first floor flat was the scene of bomb event in 1987 that killed “rally driver, businessman and gambler Stewart McLeod” an injured his wife. A freind who was staying with them was charged and acquitted.

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