Los Angeles Court, Ripponlea

LosAngesCourt, off Brighton Road, in Ripponlea was created in 1926 when a nursery closed and was subdivided, with small, wide lots, all at a slight angle and the houses and flats were all built between then and 1940. The court is in the middle of the Ripponlea #heritageprecinct (the tiny locality of Ripponlea doesn’t include the eponymous house).

Everman’s home is his castle – a great 1932 Tudor plus tower house on the north side of #LosAngelesCourt.

Fantastic #SpanishMisson in #LosAngelesCourt, Ripponlea. Built 1930, designed by #SchreiberAndJorgensen, and they really went to town ! Fan shapes in the render, big arched window, arch over the driveway, and some Baroque curves in the other main window. This was early in Melb for this style, and this example so unusual at first I thought it might be 1970s.

On the corner of Brighton Road and #LosAngelesCourtRipponlea there’s this very cute #TudorRevival house built 1927- early in Melb for the style when not architect designed (which this might be but none recorded). It has the form of an attic #ArtsAndCraftsStyle house, with that low arch and cut-off gables (#jerkinhead), and inside it’s more bungalow than Tudor- but then there’s the #halftimbering, and that fantastic window with random ‘broken’ panes, very #MockTudor !

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