Anselm, Robert Haddon, 1906

Repost this day 2019:

Very cute ! #Anselm, architect #RobertHaddon’s own house from 1906 in a little street in Caulfield just south of the Glenferrie and Dandenong Rd corner. Great details inside apparently. Love the spindly weathervane, the #terracotta on the turret and the gate is good too (with an angel holding a church ??). Haddon was the leading light of the #ArtsAndCraftsMovement in #Melbourne, helped start the #ArtsandcraftsSociety, but also ran the architecture course at the #WorkingMensCollege (#RMIT) and also ran a practice called the Central Drawing Office doing designs for other architects ! This is one of the few things definitely only by him. He worked for architects who did lots of pubs and houses, so often anything with some Art Nouveau or unusual details like circular windows or artistic asymmetry is said to be him.

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