Ancestral home on the beach

I was surprised recently to find out my great grandfather Elsdon Storey lived here ! In a big terrace house called Romanby on #BeaconsfieldParade, Middle Park, not far from me, from c1901-1920. In fact he might have built it; though it looks maybe 1860s it was actually built some time between 1900 and 1905, at which time there was only this and one house next door in this block between Armstrong and McGregor, since the Parade only had scattered houses in the 1880s, and didn’t fill up till the 1910s. It might have been in 1901, since that’s when Mrs Elsdon Storey held a ‘most enjoyable euchre party, wearing black satin’, but confusingly a baby of a different family name was born here in 1904 (family freind ?). In 1901, Mrs Elsdon (Elizabeth) was about 40, while her husband was 52 – family lore is he was an engineer for the railways, must’ve had a good job ! Don’t know why they built here, or in such a conservative style. It has of course been completely rebuilt recently, with 3 floors five bedrooms pool etc. $9mill worth (!!!).

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