St Moritz to Luxury Flats

Repost this day 2019 (2021-the new thing is nearly finished but no photos yet) :

I’m not going to miss this one, even though it’s the first architecture job I ever had ! In 1987. A firm from Brisbane called Bell Puddy, mostly did little shopping centres, my first job was a presentation drawing for this, where I made it much more detailed and interesting; then after I left they built it even worse than before I had a go. Cheap #PoMo. It’s going to be replaced by some slick glassy thing of luxury apartments, much the same height, and in separate blocks, no plans I can find, just the image, taken from an impossible angle havering above the #grassyslopes to make it look smaller. Designed by #FenderKatsalidis, and developed by #TimGurner, a bit of a high flyer, and these are all going to be super luxury, starting at $3.5mill, with in house cinema, wine cellar, library and #chauffeur (?!), loads of glass, marble, bronze etc very 5* hotel, 7 bed #penthouse sold for $30mill to Domain #mediamogul #AntonyCatalano – a long way from the daggy 3.5* #NovotelStKilda, and from the #StMoritzIceSkating venue built in 1939 that (in) famously had a fire just after it was closed in 1982, having been bought by #LindsayFox and #HudsonConway in 1980.

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