RMIT streamlining

Repost 2018 :

At RMIT, buildings 5, 7 and 9 all join up into one continuous #StreamlineModerne building along the east side of Bowen Street. Designed by the great, prolific #PercyEverett of the Victorian #PublicWorksDepartmen, but in very spaced stages. #Building9 and Building 5 were built first, 1938; Building 7 which joins them up seamlessly wasn’t built till 1948, as I think was his intention all along, sneaky bugger – in fact he then announced in 1949 a plan to build across Bowen Street, at the south end I think. Only Building 9 is on the #victorianheritageregister , I think cos they thought it was first, which it wasn’t, but was the larger, and had the wireless school, important during the war. Also important to me for housing the architecture school in the 80s and 90s. Sadly all the horizontal #steelframedwindows replaced in the 80s with square smoked glass al ones, and in 2009 two floors were added by @peterelliott.architects, which are sympathetic but unfortunate imho – one would have been ok. Image 5 is Graeme Butler 1982 before the windows changed.

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