Salvation Army Training Garrison

Repost 2018:

The front on one, or the side one that doesn’t have buildings rising up behind ? #SalvationArmy Training Garrison, 1900, designed by Brigadier Edward Saunders, cofounder of the Army in Australia, and who clearly liked the #redbrick #castellated style, used on all the Army buildings in one form or another (at least in Victoria, and there’s lots of Citadels dotted around). Ps made with my new Moment wide angle phone camera lens ! Wouldn’t have been able to fit it in otherwise, because trees, signs etc.

Repost from 2013, my first year of Instagram, back when filters were the thing, making them look like old photos: #salvationarmy training garrison 1900, designed by the army members themselves, and suitably castle-y. And traffic. Now #backpackers.

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