Rothermere, Elwood mansion flats

Repost 2019:

The other kind of #MansionFlat; a #VictorianMansion turned into flats ! This one rather leaps out on #HennesseyStreet street in #Elwood, surrounded by interwar flats. Designed by #DavidAskew (of #TwentymanandAskew) and built 1891 for Joseph Syme, nephew of #DavidSyme who ran #TheAgeNewspaper for 30 years, for a while in partnership with Joseph- but they didn’t get along so he was bought out and spent his $ on this 45 room mansion, calling it Rothermere, living here till his death in 1916, then his widow stayed on till maybe the mid 20s, when the huge estate was subdivided, and so was the house, maybe a bit later, into rather spacious one bed and studio flats. Later called Sherwood Hall. I think it’s the best remaining of what was once quite common, partly because seems still a single owner, all the flats are rented ! $350/week, but worth it. At least one has an original bathroom.

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